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Directorate of Economics & Statistics participates in the National Sample Survey Organisation’s (NSSO’S) Programme of collecting informations on various facts of the Indian Economy through Nationwide National Sample Surveys to assist in the Socio-Economic planning and policy-making. The National Sample Survey (NSS) set up by Government of India in 1950 to collect socio-economic data employing scientific sampling methods. Each Round of NSS is either for six months or yearly as per NSSO’S programme and the state participates on equal matching basis. Subject matters of each Round are taken up by NSSO and time to time different important National Socio-economic issues are selected.

DES collects the basic data from the households in the State Sample through its own field inspectors. The questionnaires, concepts etc. used are the same as those of NSSO uses in the Central Sample. State Sample size for rural and urban area is same as that in the central sample. The first stage units to be surveyed are decided by NSSO. Complete enumeration is done in the selected hamlet groups in the rural areas and sub-blocks in the urban areas and the required number of Households is selected randomly. For each Round, DES conducts pre-survey Training to the field staff. The fieldwork, conducted by Computor/Inspectors/Block statistical officers (If required) at block level offices, is supervised and monitored by the officers and staff of NSS units in the District Offices and DES Headquarters. Field staff who submit the filled in schedules to the District Statistical Officers are scrutinized on 100% basis and Data entry in the District Offices. Validation & Tabulation of State Sample data are performed at DES level.

Currently the field work of 72nd Round (July, 2014 to June, 2015) is in progress. During this Round schedule 21.1 (Domestic Toursim Expenditure) to be canvassed for the selected Households in ‘384’ villages and ‘252’ urban blocks for state sample in the state.

A report based on State Sample data of 65th round "Housing Condition & Amenities in Rajasthan" has been Published.




                       The Standing Committee on Industrial Statistics (SCIS) and National Statistical Commission (NSC) recommended to develop a comprehensive Business Register. The Decision/ recommendation and grant assistance of the 13th Finance commission to  Develop Business Register at District level for using as a frame for estimating District Domestic Product gave a fillip to the Development of Business Register in the country.

The Business Register is to keep accounts of all business establishments. The creation and maintenance of a business register and directory are expected to be an economic data framework for various needed statistical surveys   including Annual Survey of Industries and others of the National Sample Survey Organizations. At present, such type of business registers is not being maintained in the State. Only a directory of business enterprise is available which is based on fifth economic census conducted during the year, 2005. Following activities are recommended in 13th Finance Commission to prepare Business Register.

Preparation and Maintenance of Business Registers;-


(i) Listing of the state/ district level authorities meant for registration of legal entities with the complete official addresses and designation of the officer responsible for providing information.

(ii) Listing of the items of statutory information at the time of registration separately for each type of institution.

(iii) Development of data based in electronic form for consolidation of all such information available


(i) Preparation of all the lists of Registering Authorities of establishments/enterprises in state, 7 lists of establishments covering the 7 Acts/authorities namely, Companies Registration Act, Khadi and Village Industries Board and Directorates of Industries are to be made ready. These lists are required to be prepared in soft form. Thereafter, these lists are to be segregated at the lowest geographical area to facilitate canvassing of schedule developed for that purpose.

 (ii) Canvassing the schedule, non-existent, non-traceable and non-active establishments would be deleted from the list and list of active establishment as on date would be prepared. Such a list would be supplied in soft from to respective registering agency for its regular updation.

(iii) State Business Register of establishments, as per format provided to each Directorate is required to be developed after canvassing the BR Schedule, indicating the name of each establishment, its address and its registration number covered under the 7 Acts. It has to be updated annually on the basis of information furnished by each registering agency/authority.


Collection of micro level data on the basis of a sampling design for compilation of district income estimate for unincorporated sector of the economy.


(i) A Comprehensive report covering these aspect (Phase 1) along with compiled information sent in hard and soft copy vied letter No F23(5)1/Des/NSS/BR/12468 dated 17.05.12 to CSO.

(ii)  Preparation of all the lists of Registering Authorities of establishments/enterprises in state, 7 lists of establishments covering the 7 Acts/authorities in soft form completed by all district.

(iii) Survey for the existence & nonexistence of the above enterprises is on completion.

(iv) District Business Register is being prepared in all district through online software.

(v) Business Register completed in 18 district online software of business register in br.raj.nic.in.